A connected series of propositions; a system of rules. The subdivisions of a document, code, book, etc. A specification of distinct matters agreed upon or established by authority or requiring judicial action. A statute; as having its provisions articulately expressed under distinct heads. A system of rules established by legal authority; as articles of war, articles of the navy, articles of faith.
A contractual document executed between parties, containing stipulations or terms of agreement; as articles of agreement, articles of partnership
a naval term meaning employment contract. South Chicago Coal & Dock Co. v. Bassett, C.C.A.I11., 104 F.2d 522, 526.
In chancery practice, a formal written statement of objections filed by a party, after depositions have been taken, showing ground for discrediting the witnesses.
In ecclesiastical law, a complaint in the form of a libel exhibited to an ecclesiastical court.

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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